FRIDAY Armada Ring Ch RFRIDAY Armada Ring Supreme In-HandFRIDAY Crabbet ChampionshipFRIDAY Crabbet GeldingsFRIDAY Crabbet Grand Parade of Show FinaleFRIDAY Crabbet Legacy Family GroupsFRIDAY Crabbet MaresFRIDAY Crabbet Related 4 years plusFRIDAY Crabbet related ChampionshipFRIDAY Crabbet Related YoungstockFRIDAY Crabbet RiddenFRIDAY Crabbet StallionFRIDAY Crabbet VeteransFRIDAY Crabbet YoungstockFRIDAY ECAHO Colts 2 years oldFRIDAY ECAHO Colts 3 years oldFRIDAY ECAHO Colts Yearlings AFRIDAY ECAHO Colts Yearlings BFRIDAY ECAHO Geldings 2 years oldFRIDAY ECAHO Geldings 3 years oldFriday ECAHO Geldings SeniorFRIDAY ECAHO Geldings VeteransFRIDAY ECAHO Geldings YearlingsFRIDAY RIDDEN ColouredFRIDAY RIDDEN Coloured/High Percentage ChampionshipFRIDAY RIDDEN Golden OldiesFRIDAY RIDDEN High PercentageFRIDAY RIDDEN Novice ChampionshipFRIDAY RIDDEN Novice GeldingsFRIDAY RIDDEN Novice MaresFRIDAY RIDDEN PairsFRIDAY RIDDEN Pure Novice Anglo and PBAFRIDAY RIDDEN Pure Novice GeldingsFRIDAY RIDDEN Pure Novice MaresFRIDAY RIDDEN Pure Novice StallionsFRIDAY RIDDEN VersatileFRIDAY Round Oak Ring Costume ClassMiscellaneous People Horses and DogsMiscellaneous Venue etcSATURDAY Armada Ring Owner Breeder Arab 4 years and overSATURDAY Armada Ring Owner Breeder ChampionshipSATURDAY Armada Ring Owner Breeder YoungstockSATURDAY Armada Ring Sports Horse ChampionshipSATURDAY ECAHO Fillies 2 years oldSATURDAY ECAHO Fillies 3 years oldSATURDAY ECAHO Fillies Yearlings ASATURDAY ECAHO Fillies Yearlings BSATURDAY ECAHO Junior MaresSATURDAY ECAHO Mares and FoalsSATURDAY ECAHO Mares SeniorSATURDAY ECAHO Mares VeteransSATURDAY RIDDEN  BNC Open StallionsSATURDAY RIDDEN Anglo ChampionshipSATURDAY RIDDEN Anglo NoviceSATURDAY RIDDEN Anglo OpenSATURDAY RIDDEN BNC Open ChampionshipSATURDAY RIDDEN BNC Open GeldingsSATURDAY RIDDEN BNC Open MaresSATURDAY RIDDEN Championship PBASATURDAY RIDDEN Collecting RingSATURDAY RIDDEN Restricted ChampionshipSATURDAY RIDDEN Restricted Geldings Best OfSATURDAY RIDDEN Restricted Geldings JuniorSATURDAY RIDDEN Restricted Geldings SeniorSATURDAY RIDDEN Restricted MaresSATURDAY RIDDEN Restricted StallionsSATURDAY RIDDEN Round Oak Ring Supreme Part 1ASATURDAY RIDDEN Round Oak Ring Supreme Part 1BSATURDAY RIDDEN Round Oak Ring Supreme Part 1CSATURDAY Round Oak Ring Dressage PresentationSATURDAY Round Oak Ring Golden Oldies In-HandSATURDAY Ryan Jones Assisted Young HandlerSATURDAY Ryan Jones Intermediate Young HandlerSATURDAY Ryan Jones Junior Young HandlerSATURDAY Ryan Jones Memorial PresentationSATURDAY Ryan Jones Senior HandlerSATURDAY Ryan Jones Young Handlers ChampionshipSUNDAY Armada Ring Amateur Anglo and PBASUNDAY Armada Ring Amateur Arab 4 years and overSUNDAY Armada Ring Amateur Arab YoungstockSUNDAY Armada Ring Amateur ChampionshipSUNDAY Armada Ring Egyptian Related 4 years and olderSUNDAY Armada Ring Egyptian Related YoungstockSUNDAY Armada Ring Egyptian/Related ChampionshipSUNDAY Armada Ring Straight Egyptian 4 years and olderSUNDAY Armada Ring Straight Egyptian YoungstockSUNDAY Championship VeteransSUNDAY ECAHO Championship FoalSUNDAY ECAHO Championship Junior FemalesSUNDAY ECAHO Championship Junior GeldingsSUNDAY ECAHO Championship Junior MaleSUNDAY ECAHO Championship Senior GeldingsSUNDAY ECAHO Championship Yearling ColtsSUNDAY ECAHO Championship Yearling FilliesSUNDAY ECAHO Senior Female ChampionshipSUNDAY ECAHO Senior Male ChampionshipSUNDAY ECAHO Stallions 4 to 16 years oldSUNDAY ECAHO Stallions VeteransSUNDAY Performance Horse AwardsSUNDAY RIDDEN Amateur Anglos and PBAsSUNDAY RIDDEN Amateur Arabians ASUNDAY RIDDEN Amateur Arabians BSUNDAY RIDDEN Amateur ChampionshipSUNDAY Ridden HOYS GeldingsSUNDAY Ridden HOYS MaresSUNDAY RIDDEN HOYS StallionsSUNDAY RIDDEN Young Rider ArabiansSUNDAY RIDDEN Young Riders Anglo and PBASUNDAY RIDDEN Young Riders ChampionshipSUNDAY RIDDEN Young Riders IntermediateSUNDAY Round Oak Ring Supreme Arab ChampionshipSUNDAY Round Oak Ring WAHO PresentationSUNDAY UK In-Hand Awards