Equine Photographer based in Bolton N/W England

Marilyn Sweet

Sweet Photography came about by accident really ... I met Pete at teacher training college ... he had an interest in photography ... I just loved horses and have done so ever since I knew what one was! ... I took him to some local point-to-points where I was race reading for "The Pointer" form guide. He took some photos and people I knew saw them and wanted copies ... and Sweet Photography was launched!We were married in July 1976 and had twin daughters, Joanna and Natalie in January 1983. By then we had started photographing my other equine interests - Arabian horses and were official photographers at the Arab Horse Society Shows, which were held at Haydock Park and Ascot racecourses at the time. Sweet Photography travelled the country to point-to-points and shows for decades until following the Arab Show 2013 Pete became disabled. He sadly passed away 24th April 2016. We were devastated but vowed to carry on and this web site is now dedicated to Pete.

I have travelled to major shows in Europe (including The All Nations Cup in Aachen, Germany and the Arabian World Championships in Paris) and also the Middle East (Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia).

In December 2013 I became the first UK photographer to be appointed as the Official Photographer to a Middle East Show

when I was invited to the King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Center Championship Show held in Dirab, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I was also Official Photographer for Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International ArabIan Horse Festival 2016.  

Sweet Photography continues to sponsor the North-West Area Veteran Rider Championship.

Our Racing and show images are regularly seen in magazines such as "Horse and Hound", "Go Pointing", "The Arabian Magazine", "The Arabian Breeders Magazine", "Tutto Arabi", "Arabian Horse World" and "The Arab Horse Society News".