Friday Birkrigg Park Ridden BNC StallionsFriday Birkrigg Park Ridden Golden OldiesFriday Birkrigg Park Ridden Novice GeldingsFriday Birkrigg Park Ridden Novice Geldings Best OfFriday Birkrigg Park Ridden RASS MalesFriday Birkrigg Park Ridden Restricted MaresFriday Birkrigg Park Ridden VeteransFriday Equi-Prestige In Hand AA and PBAFriday Equi-Prestige In Hand AA ChampionshipsFriday Equi-Prestige In Hand CrabbetFriday Equi-Prestige In Hand Owner/Breeder ChampionshipFriday Equi-Prestige In Hand PBA ChampionshipsFriday Main Ring AA and PBA SupremeFriday Main Ring Colts 2 yrs AFriday Main Ring Colts 2 yrs BFriday Main Ring Colts 3 yrsFriday Main Ring Colts Yrlg AFriday Main Ring Colts Yrlg ChampionshipFriday Main Ring Colts Yrlgs BFriday Main Ring Crabbet ChampionshipFriday Main Ring Fillies DiamondFriday Main Ring Fillies SterlingFriday Main Ring Golden Oldies In HandFriday Main Ring Jn Male ChampionshipFriday Main Ring Mares with FoalsFriday Main Ring PresentationsFriday ShowjumpingMiscellaneousSaturday Birkrigg Park Ridden BNC GeldingsSaturday Birkrigg Park Ridden Intermediate Young RidersSaturday Birkrigg Park Ridden Novice MaresSaturday Birkrigg Park Ridden PairsSaturday Birkrigg Park Ridden RASS MaresSaturday Birkrigg Park Ridden Restricted StallionsSaturday Birkrigg Park Ridden Straight Egyptian and Egyptian RelatedSaturday DressageSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand All Star MalesSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand Egyptian ChampionshipSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand Egyptian RelatedSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand GSB and Old EnglishSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand Junior All Star FemalesSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand Junior All Star MalesSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand Straight EgyptianSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand UK AA and PBA Championships AnglosSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand UK AA and PBA Championships Part BredsSaturday Equi-Prestige In Hand UK AA and PBA Championships SupremeSaturday Main Ring Diamond Yrlg MalesSaturday Main Ring Intermediate Young HandlerSaturday Main Ring Mares IntermediateSaturday Main Ring Mares JuniorSaturday Main Ring Mares SeniorSaturday Main Ring Mares VeteransSaturday Main Ring Performance AwardsSaturday Main Ring Ridden Novice ChampionshipSaturday Main Ring Ridden Open ChampionshipSaturday Main Ring Ridden Restricted ChampionshipSaturday Main Ring Ridden Supreme ChampionshipSaturday Main Ring Senior Female ChampionshipSaturday Main Ring Senior Male ChampionshipSaturday Main Ring Stallions 4 to 16 yrsSaturday Main Ring Stallions VeteranSaturday Main Ring Sterling Yrlg MalesSaturday Main Ring Veteran ChampionshipSaturday Main Ring WAHO TrophySaturday Showjumping Ring Race etc to Riding HorseSaturday Showjumping Ring VersatileThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden AmateurThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden Anglo ArabsThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden Anglo Arabs ChampionshipThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden Anglo Arabs NoviceThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden BNC MareThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden Hack and Riding HorseThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden High Percentage PBAThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden Junior RidersThursday Birkrigg Park Ridden Novice StallionsThursday Birkrigg Park UK In Hand AwardsThursday Equi-Prestige In Hand Amateur AA and PBAThursday Equi-Prestige In Hand Amateur ChampionshipThursday Equi-Prestige In Hand Amateur Pure BredsThursday Equi-Prestige In Hand ColouredsThursday Equi-Prestige In Hand High Percentage PBAThursday Equi-Prestige In Hand Light Horse Pony BreedingThursday Equi-Prestige In Hand PalominosThursday Equi-Prestige In Hand Sports HorseThursday Main Ring Fillies 2 yrsThursday Main Ring Fillies 3 yrsThursday Main Ring Fillies Yrlgs AThursday Main Ring Fillies Yrlgs BThursday Main Ring Fillies Yrlgs CThursday Main Ring Fillies Yrlgs ChampionshipThursday Main Ring Geldings 2 yrsThursday Main Ring Geldings 3 yrsThursday Main Ring Geldings 4 and 5 yrsThursday Main Ring Geldings 6 to 9 yrsThursday Main Ring Geldings 10 yrs plusThursday Main Ring Geldings Jr ChampionshipThursday Main Ring Geldings Sr ChampionshipThursday Main Ring Geldings VeteransThursday Main Ring Geldings YrlgsThursday Main Ring HOYS GeldingsThursday Main Ring HOYS MaresThursday Main Ring HOYS StallionsThursday Main Ring Junior Female Championship